Top paintings by da Vinci

Due to all he has accomplished, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci is now recognized as a major example of the ‘’Universal Genius’’. He was involved in a broad range of fields ranging from engineering, botany, anatomy and science. Nonetheless, after his death, his popularity was major because of his skill as a painter.

His comprehensive knowledge of botany, anatomy, botany and light aided him in the creation of some of the most popular works in history. He is recognized for making his paintings seem more alive than those of others.

Below are some of the most famous paintings ever created by Leonardo Da Vinci.

They include;

The Adoration of the Magi
This was the first commission of prestige by DaVinci. It was offered to him by the monks of san Donato. Nonetheless, the painting was not completed as Leonardo left for Milan the next year. This unfinished painting shows Virgin Mary and baby Jesus alongside the Magi kneeling in adoration as well as a group of people crowding them.

7 Annunciation
This painting shows when the Archangel Gabriel paid a visit to Virgin Mary. The angel was sent by God to inform her of how she would conceive miraculously and birth Jesus, the Son of God. The subject was very famous for artworks and was shown a lot of times in the Renaissance. Annunciation has been called the masterpiece of a lot of artists but of recent times, it was proven to be as a result of a partnership between Da Vinci alongside his master Andrea del Verrocchio.

St. John the Baptist
This painting shows St. John the Baptist, who was an iconic figure in Christianity who utilized baptism as his core sacrament. Before this work, St. John the Baptist had been traditionally shown as a lean ascetic and the innovative depiction by Leonardo was influential in the future portrayals of the saint including that of Raphael who was another famous artist. The painting is also recognized for the mysterious smile of St, john and for being the last painting by Da Vinci.