Most Famous Paintings by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was an artist from Spain who lived through the year 1991-1973. He was an artist known to many as one of the greatest painters that ever lived. He was among the artists with the most influence in the twentieth century.

He changed past practices and helped in creating the movement of art known as Cubism that aided in revolutionizing the European sculpture and painting.

Picasso was a very remarkable artist and asides from the fact that he produced a massive volume of work in other media, he was responsible for the creation of about 1900 paintings throughout his career. The owners of a lot of high end companies are big fans of Picasso’s work and like to view his paintings any chance they get. There are a lot of his paintings which fall among the most expensive paintings ever sold, but his other famous works can be located in museums.

Below are some of the most famous paintings by Picasso.

They include;

Ma Jolie ( English name; My pretty girl)
Picasso aided in pioneering cubism which was an art movement that revolutionized the European sculpture and painting. The first phase of this movement was Analytic cubism and it was characterized by minimizing the forms into typical geometric parts and a propensity towards single utilization of color. The painting is an ideal example of the Analytic cubist style.

La Vie ( English name; Life)
The term utilized in referring to the body of work of Pablo Picasso between 1901 and 1904 was the blue period. The paintings in this time were basically monochromatic utilizing shades of blue-green and blue. This period was partly caused by the suicide of Carlos Casagemas who was a close friend of Picasso. He was a poet and an art student who shot himself because of his one-sided love for Germaine Pichot who was an artist’s model.

Three Musicians
As at now, this artwork can be observed in the modern art museum of new York. It is part of a bunch of paintings Picasso painted alongside his young family in the Fontainebleau in the year 1921. The three musicians is a painting that measures over 2 meters in height and width.

Seated Woman (Marie-Therese)
This painting was created at the beginning of a year Picasso produced a lot of remarkable paintings. In this painting, Picasso utilized his skill of green and red polarization to provide additional animation dimension.