What does a painting depict?

A painting is an art that has multiple meanings. The people who know about this art value the paintings too. They know the real meaning of the painting and know what has the painter shows in his painting.

What do you think about it? Does a painting represent the physical reality or mind’s eye of the painter or anything else that you can’t judge if you are not a nature lover? Something, that you should know is, painting is all about your imagination.

Physical Reality

According to some people, the painting is only about the physical reality as it shows the scenes of the world, the natural beauty, the usual objects and much more. A usual painting can be an art or the reflection of objects like the cup of coffee places on the table beside window, two girls swinging in the garden and much more. You may also find the natural scenes in the painting. This all about the painter who has created the painting.

While representing a painting, it should be noticed that painting is always different from the reality. For an example, it can’t be as clear as the natural views. Although, these paintings share the same emotional values, but it can never be as same as nature. In actual, we don’t talk about the painting is showing real effects or not? Our main focus is always on the vision lie what does the painting shows to other and what is its mean?

The Mind’s eye of the painter

This is generally an interpretation that is attached to the painting. There will always be a vision or the message in the painting. Sometimes, the painters use the combination of the colors to show the real message and put it in front of others. So you just need to imagine the points that can be available in the minds of the painter while working on that paintings. Whether it’s a painting of a city skyline or a deep tissue massage, the interpretation of the art will always differ.

Sometimes you can judge the painter’s emotions and vision by watching at the colors he has used in the painting. So be realistic and have the best painting for you.